Tips on maintaining a Beer Garden throughout the Year

Beer Garden
Beer Garden

The summer is still ongoing, which means you’ll want to cool down from all that heat. What better way to do that than with a pint of beer or a glass of wine in a welcoming beer garden, writes Zak O’Sullivan?

Aside from having a few drinks, you will also feel what we believe is the essence of the English summer. That means deckchairs and clear skies, the smell of cut grass, and the buzzing of the bees. That being said, we highly recommend any of the beer gardens considered by the Echo as Liverpool’s best.

One thing that sets the beer gardens on the Echo’s list apart from all the rest is that they are well maintained. With that in mind, we’ve decided to outline some tips for pub owners with beer gardens, so they, too, can keep their beer gardens looking attractive, not only for summer, but all-year-round.

Keep It Clean

For obvious reasons, cleanliness is a huge deal, as no one wants to be drinking in an unkempt place. So, it is imperative that you keep your beer garden clean at all times. In this regard, you will need to tidy up your property every day — before opening, a few times during the day, and at closing time. You must schedule general cleaning days as well to keep the garden spic and span. You will also need to keep in mind that cleaning up a beer garden means clearing dead leaves and rubbish, weeding out flowerbeds, and pruning shrubs. And as in the case of the recently refurbished The Lodge on Lark Lane, you can even incorporate some colourful paintwork.

Do Maintenance Work

Maintenance work means repairing or replacing outdoor furniture and fittings like lighting, tables, and chairs. This should be done regularly for the simple reason that the furniture, fixtures, and fittings are constantly exposed to the elements.

Mow the Lawn

Mowing the lawn helps give a beer garden a cleaner, sharper, and more refined look, and it is imperative that you do this regularly. Country Living explains that there is a method to mowing, and it includes setting your mower height to trim “no more than a third of the grass’ length.” This magnifies the need to use the right gardening equipment — in this case, a lawnmower with adjustable cutting heights. The lawnmowers listed on Screwfix have anywhere from three to seven different cutting heights. Lawnmowers also come in a range of sizes to suit the size of your beer garden. For instance, if you have a big area to take care of, you will need a bigger lawnmower. Once you get yourself the right kind of equipment, mowing your beer garden’s lawn will be a breeze.

Get Creative

Don’t settle for the same look throughout the year. Mix things up! Think of a monthly motif, or a seasonal one, and design your beer garden accordingly. Annual celebrations and festivals, like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas are good way to change the garden’s setup. Update your outdoor furniture if you have had the same chairs and tables for years. Use unique lighting fixtures, plants, and hanging baskets to create a fresh look every year. Whichever suits your preference and your clientele’s. In the colder months it is also recommended to install outdoor heaters to encourage more patrons to use the garden. Basically, you have an assortment of options for your garden as long as you let your creative juices flow.

Now, we’re not saying that following the above tips will get your beer garden on par with some of Liverpool’s finest, like Constellations, The Dovey, and Sefton Arms, among others; however, doing so will be a major step up for your pub. Who knows, your establishment might just become the next big thing in the city’s outdoor pub scene. A pub that takes good care of its garden is likely to be very good at taking care of their customers.