Spa at home this summer

spa products

Who needs a spa break with these gorgeous DIY products?


ESPA, pioneers in beauty and wellbeing therapy, was founded on the need for holistic, effective and natural products to treat skin, mind and body. 26 years later, the brand is still guided by this holistic philosophy and has a deep understanding of the links between health, wellness and beauty. Products are found in over 550 spas worldwide, including Liverpool’s Titanic Hotel or Thornton Hall in Wirral, or you can create your own haven at home,


The summer is often when we want to cut back on make-up and let skin’s natural beauty do its thing. But sometimes nature needs a bit of help. Dermalogica offers a range of sun-smart products which show skin off at its best, while protecting it from the elements too, and for summer skincare, it’s hard to beat Daily Microfoliant (£51) to smooth away any dead skin, Prisma Protect with SPF 30 (£58) to moisturise and Skin Perfect primer SPF 30 (£46.50) to smooth and brighten for that perfect summer look,

spa products

Mio Skincare

Liquid Yoga is your personal spa masseuse in a bottle, helping relax tight, stressed shoulders and soothing tired, achy bodies. The bath soak (£26) is made with magnesium-rich Epsom salts and arnica, plus essential oils help to ease stress and anxiety, plus moisturising murumuru butter, while the space spray (£19.50) is a meditation whenever you need it – spritz to calm, de-stress and rebalance. Mio also make Clay Away (£21) and Heavenly Body (£23), developed to build on an active lifestyle with shower products to work as a daily cleansing ritual or as a deeper skin detox,


Shaving can be seen as a chore, but a good shave is not just about a smooth surface – it is the start of healthy skin. The Pro Shaving Brush (£26.95) from is a new generation of brush, and the difference is in the bristles, designed to be smooth, solid and non-absorbent. They also have a Shave Crème (£10.95), to be used with or without a shaving brush for a close shave with less resistance, fewer nicks and a longer lasting blade. Finish with Facial Moisturiser Lift (£14.95), with mint and menthol to cool, refresh and help relieve redness. 

spa products

Too Cool For School 

Focused on creative experimentation and contemporary culture, quirky Korean spa brand Too Cool For School believe in quality and uniqueness. Their Egg, Coconut and Pumpkin ranges combine global cosmetic trends and advocate beauty that breaks the rules.

The coconut collection had a waiting list of over 25,000 at ULTA when it launched recently in the US, bringing leading skincare ingredients fresh from Korea. The collection boasts hydrating treatments drenched in coconut water and naturally rich in anti-microbial powerhouse lauric acid that helps preserve and boost natural skin health and immunity. The coconut collection includes Coconut Sugar Facial Scrub, Coconut Milky Oil Shower Gel and Coconut Milky Mist, perfect for keeping your cool on the warmest of days. The Too Cool For School Range is available from larger Boots stores and now.