Our perfect family Christmas: Anton Piotrowski of Röski

Röski, food by Anton Piotrowski
Röski, Anton Piotrowski

It’s been a busy old year for Rose and Anton Piotrowski, seeing their Rodney Street restaurant Röski pick up rave reviews (Jay Rayner described it as ‘note perfect’ in his review last month), and welcoming their son Zion. Here Anton shares their hopes for their perfect family Christmas…

We’re so excited for Christmas this year. We were very much preoccupied with getting the restaurant open last year and so sadly didn’t even get a chance to put our tree up. So to make up for it this year we’ve gone all out and turned the house into a grotto. 

We put our tree up second week of November we were that excited. It was also a lovely moment and memory to make with Zion and we helped him hang the star on the top of the tree. 

I’ll also have my daughter with us from Devon so it’s going to be magical. She’s at the age where she’s really starting to understand it which makes it all the more exciting for rose and myself. It’s all about matching PJs, family, friends, good food and plenty of bubbles in our house. 

What makes the perfect Christmas?

The perfect Christmas for me is quite simply all my family being sat around the table together and watching the children open their presents and making my wife smile. 

Anton Piotrowski and family
Anton Piotrowski and family

What are your favourite Christmas traditions?

Matching PJs on Christmas Eve is always a staple in our house. Rose and myself also buy each other a bauble each year that represents something special to us that makes up part of the tree. So the tree becomes full of memories that we can look back on. 

Oh, and bacon butties and vintage Champagne for breakfast… 

How do you deck the halls at home?

We’ve very much gone all out this year – 9ft tree, ribbons on all our doors, oversized reindeers, candy canes, talking Santas and lots of fairy lights. We’re very much making up for the lack of festivity we had last year and celebrating Zion’s first Christmas. 

Who is in the kitchen on the big day?

I’m very much in the kitchen on Christmas Day, from prepping the meat to making the stuffing. There’s nothing I like more than opening a good red, blaring out the Christmas tunes and getting stuck in. My wife has volunteered to make the starters this year, so wish us luck…

How about New Year?

Both Rose and myself will be working this NYE, we’re opening for one sitting at 7pm. It’s our first New Year we are opening so both very excited. It’s a five-course taster menu with optional wine pairing that we’ve been working on for some time. Hopefully we’ll make it back in time for a midnight kiss with Zion!

Röski, 16 Rodney St, Liverpool, L1 2TE, 0151 708 8698, www.roskirestaurant.com