Former vegetarian restaurant Our Kitchen now to serve meat and fish

Our Kitchen chicken skewers
Our Kitchen chicken skewers

Bold Street restaurant Our Kitchen has decided to change its menu from purely vegetarian to now serving meat and fish too ‘to cope with demand’.

Founder and owner Tara Maguire believes Our Kitchen‘s local, eco-friendly meats and fish added throughout breakfast, lunch and dinner menus will satisfy the demand from guests.

Our Kitchen pescatarian breakfast
Our Kitchen pescatarian breakfast

She said: “We’ve had a great first 12 months and seen our brand grow based on the rapid change we’re witnessing amongst the general public’s attitude towards food and its source.

“Our philosophy has always been to bring our guests the healthiest, tastiest food available with each season. We source all our produce locally with an emphasis on using organic ingredients wherever possible to limit the impact on the environment.

“We’ve extended our vegan and veggie menus to offer a wider range of dishes. Ultimately, we are now more inclusive so that family and friends that contain a mix of vegans, veggies and non veggies can dine together with an extensive choice.

“By broadening all of our menu choices, we’re widening the opportunity in Liverpool for more of our guests to enjoy our passion for ‘you are what you eat’…continuing to bring a unique but wider range of dishes to satisfy demand.”



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