Morning, Noon, Night: Neston’s new all day dining destination

Morning, Noon, Night Neston
Morning, Noon, Night Neston

With its city centre cool vibes, high quality food and super friendly atmosphere, Morning Noon, Night brings an urban feel to leafy Neston.

Morning Noon, Night offers breakfast and brunch, lunch and even late night nibbles as well a combination of home blended coffee, a selection of local beers and a carefully picked wine list.

Co-owner Ben Holroyd says: “I guess what Morning Noon and Night is about is locally produced, all day dining and accessible to all.

Morning, Noon, Night Neston
Morning, Noon, Night Neston

“It’s ideally a venue that has a seamless morning to night offer, so in a nutshell were not just a coffee shop, were not just a restaurant but what we are trying to do is build a culture for Morning Noon and Night, making us a cultural hub.”

The restaurant has been up and running since early November and has since proved a huge success. Ben says: “It’s been massive, we have been completely overwhelmed with just how well it has gone. We were initially expecting to take a bit of a hit, a bit of a loss for the first year but we have been full pretty much every day since the opening.”

So far, the only thing missing from this diverse restaurant/coffee shop/everything you need rolled up in to one, is the evening element which has been pretty vague. At the opening, the owners wanted to focus solely on the Morning and Noon aspect, saying: “We wanted to understand what the town wanted, and what we could offer that was slightly different to what they already get.”

Thanks to this, it has given the Holroyds a fair few nice headaches on what they can for their evening offers. One way of bringing customers in, is the use of good old fashioned events.

Starting on the 24th of January and continuing on for the last Wednesday of every month, is the Mumma Club. Ben explains: “Basically it’s an excuse for all those hard working mums to have a night off and have a  big get together with lots of guests and good chat,  no kids just mums and wine.

“So far, around 100 people have said they’re coming.”

Evenings will be opening from February, Thursday to Sunday, and than Monday to Wednesday will be more event based. These will include, wine and beer tasting and visits from a range of other guest chefs from neighbouring towns and cities.

Morning, Noon, Night Neston
Morning, Noon, Night Neston

The village of Neston is arguably very small and traditional. Both the Holroyds have lived there for seven years and had their sights set on vamping the style up for some time : “Myself and my wife have noticed that the town needed something a little different for a long time and couldn’t understand why no one else had done it,’ says Ben.

“We have been thinking about it for two years, and living there for seven so it’s been five years of frustration and two years of let’s do something about it.”

Anyone planning a visit to a traditional town but fancies the beloved city centre feel and a natural, friendly experience,  Morning Noon and Night on 10 the cross is open from sunrises to nightfall, 8am- 6pm.


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