Graffiti Spirits team to launch new Liverpool food and drink market

El Bandito Liverpool
El Bandito Liverpool

You wait ages for a brilliant market and then suddenly they all come along at once…

John Ennis and Matt Farrell, two of the food and drink entrepreneurs behind city favourites El Bandito, Santa Chupitos, Salt Dog Slims and Santa Maluco, are launching a new market on Duke Street.

But this isn’t just any market…

Specialising in great food and drink from independent producers, the finest street food and the coolest drinks, the market aims to support the city’s newest start-ups and independent brands, while offering customers alike a space in which to try the best the city has to offer. There’s also potential for pop ups from some of the UK’s most innovative chefs and drink mixers.

Graffiti Spirits Group is an independent bar and restaurant group which was founded by John and Matt in 2007 with just two members of staff and £200.

Graffiti Spirits
Graffiti Spirits

Their first venue, Santa Chupitos, was launched in 2009, and since then the talented duo has been at the heart of Liverpool’s flourishing eating and drinking scene.

The group currently operates six venues in Liverpool’s foodie hubs, and John and Matt have big plans for expansion both within and outside the UK, with the company presently growing at a rate of one new venue every 18 months.

Both John and Matt go to great lengths to ensure each of the venues are tailored to the market demand, such as their regular trips to Mexico to seek out rare mezcals and inspiration for El Bandito.

They now plan on helping other smaller brands succeed, using their knowledge and passion of the food and drink industry.


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