Win a Barbecue Blow-Out at Hickory’s Smokehouse

Celebrate National BBQ Month ‘Southern style’ with Hickory’s authentic new BBQ Feast

Hickory's Smokehouse Barbecue Blowout
Hickory's Smokehouse Barbecue Blowout

Spring has landed and for most us that can only mean one thing….grilling season is finally here… May is National BBQ month so officially time to uncover your grill and start serving up some seriously mouth-watering smoked treats. But if you would rather leave the cooking to the pros….no worries, Hickory’s Smokehouse in Southport, Chester and West Kirby have got it covered.

Introducing the Barbecue Blowout….

Humans have been cooking meat over a flame since the dawn of time and the guys at Hickory’s Smokehouse are celebrating the age-old art with a mouth-watering feast of Southern style BBQ favourites. The new Barbecue Blowout offers BBQ fans an authentic meaty-fix that will take your taste buds on a trip around the classic barbecue styles of the Southern States.

Think a heaving platter of Tennessee glazed bourbon chicken wings, dry rubbed Memphis baby back ribs, buttermilk marinated southern fried chicken and barbecue glazed Kansas style ribs all served with skin on fries & coleslaw and an ice-cold pint of Hickory’s pale ale – all for a very tasty £14.99.

Whether you are a BBQ virgin or smoked meat aficionado our mighty Blow Out will hit the spot every time. We’ve got a Blowout for two with two classic cocktails to win on our facebook page. For details see our page here