Chef to the stars opens Green Fork bistro in Liverpool

Chef Sean Paul
Chef Sean Paul Redding

Vegan celebrity chef Sean Paul Redding has brought his Green Fork concept to South Liverpool.

Texan-born Redding, who has cooked for the likes of Paul McCartney, Kate Moss and Liv Tyler is known for his modern, refreshing twist on traditional vegan cooking.

His new residency, dubbed ‘Green Fork’ is on offer at The Bistro, 52 Rose Lane in Mossley Hill three nights a week. He says: “Having moved to England from America and working in London for more than 25 years, it’s fantastic to begin this new residency in Liverpool.

“The food culture of this city is outstanding, with taste for quality vegan dishes ever increasing. When I was approached about the opportunity, I didn’t think twice.”

Green Fork menus are influenced by the countries Sean Paul has visited and his own cajun background, infusing aromatic taste and flavour. 

The menu boasts speciality and vegan wines, cocktails and desserts.

Something Sean Paul is keen to shine a light on, is that you don’t have the be vegetarian or vegan to enjoy his food; “Many people overlook vegan offerings when eating out, but I often challenge them to give it a go – they’re usually surprised by what they taste!”

Sean’s chef portfolio boats some of the best known restaurants globally, including The Ivy, Daphne’s and J Sheekey’s. His vegan skills were well recognised at London’s Mana restaurant; which has been recognised by The Vegetarian Society and won TimeOut Magazine’s Best Vegetarian Meal.Andrea Edwards, owner of 52 Rose Lane, says: “I am excited to welcome Chef Sean Paul and we know he will be welcomed into the neighbourhood with his delicious food.

“South Liverpool is shouting out for more places to dine in the evening, We believe collaboration really makes a difference to being successful in the restaurant industry.”

Green Fork runs at The Bistro at 52 Rose Lane every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. Booking is highly recommended, by emailing or calling 0151 352 8785