Frosé frozen rosé wine is summer’s hottest drink

Frosé has taken over from Aperol Spritz as the “it” drink of summer

Frose wine
Frose wine

With the recent heatwave challenging the sun strokes of the Mediterranean, creative ways for beating the heat are shining through. Hello Frosé!

This summer, rosé has got a whole lot cooler, as sun worshipers look for new ways to keep their drinks alfresco cool.

Sales growth across wine overall has remained relatively stable during the last five years, but retailers have seen a recent boom for rosé, particularly in the last two years.

New bar dedicated to Aperol Spritz and prosecco

The pink hue of rosé depends on how long winemakers expose clear grape juice to the crushed red grape skins—a process called maceration. The longer the skins are left in the juice, the darker the hue.

Frosé has taken over from Aperol Spritz as the “it” drink of summer as drinkers look for creative ways to stay cool in the sunshine. Pinterest pins for frozen Rosé are up 70% since May.  It’s been a big hit in London – but wine buffs are horrified.

Win brunch for two with mimosas at Hickory’s

It’s already on sale at Petit Parle on Fenwick Street and in Stonehouse pubs, and now Hickory’s in West Kirby and Chester have launched their own version. It’s basically a wine slushy, with frozen rose wine, Cointreau Blood Orange and fresh strawberry puree. It’s £6 for a large glass, so you can try for yourself.


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