Restaurants and bars offer deliveries during Coronavirus crisis


There’s no need to go without your favourite food and drink as restaurants and bars are working hard to provide alternatives to their traditional fare in the light of customers looking to self-isolate from the Coronavirus threat.

Many venues which already deliver some items are now extending their range, and looking at how it is delivered to ensure customers and staff are kept safe. Catherine Roberts from Il Forno on Duke Street in Liverpool says: “We do delivery but we are (also) introducing our Sunday roasts as delivery, and will be contactless, meaning it is dropped at your door with no contact.”

Warrington-based award winning Room Forty will now deliver Afternoon Tea in a Box to customers’ doorsteps.

The Afternoon Tea ‘set’ will include everything necessary to indulge in Room Forty’s famous Afternoon Tea experience only without the personal table service that they normally provide.

Business owner and founder, Jen Perry, says: “We Brits know how to celebrate no matter what the crisis. And when the chips are down, we naturally turn to tea. Times are worrying at the moment so why not cheer yourself up with an Afternoon Tea Party behind closed doors?

“We’ll deliver all of our normal five-star package to your doorstep which includes all of our sandwiches, cakes, scones, vintage china, cutlery and tablecloths – even bunting! Well even provide notes to do it ‘proper’! And you don’t even need to step outside the door. We hand make and bake everything in our 5 Star kitchen. We maintain scrupulous standards. Our customers’ health and safety is always paramount.

“So, no need to be upset about being stuck indoors. Call us and we’ll treat you!”

Scones and tea at Room Forty
Scones and tea at Room Forty

Matt Farrell, co-founder of Graffiti Spirits Group, explains: “We already offer delivery across a number of our establishments including Slim’s, Super Megabite and Maluco which are all available via Deliveroo. We’re also looking into ways in which we can offer our products from Bold Street Coffee and our offer venues through different channels and will continue to update our guests.

“We also have gift vouchers available at Bold Street Coffee, Slim’s and Duke Street Market for guests who want to visit us at a later date.”

Alex Hannah runs The Dark Kitchen Presents… a home delivery-focused concept which offers six different menus from one location via Deliveroo and soon to be Just Eat.

“We will this week be starting a ‘drop and check’ service for people who might be house bound and might need checking on,’ he says. ‘If we are delivering all over Liverpool we will be collecting stuff via donations and dropping them into people need them whilst we are out and about. We will also be offering 30% discount to everyone in the emergency services.”

If you’re in search of a comforting bowl of Svcouse, SKAUS has good news. Dan Cameron says: “We are currently working on to-your-door bulk beef scouse and vegan blind Scouse deliveries, in vaccuum bags (to lengthen shelf life). Just trying to get some feelers out on logistics, if there’s a market for it and how to get the word out enough to make it a sustainable option.”

Mrs Danvers Cafe in the Port of Liverpool building is bringing forward their launch of a new takeaway menu via just eat.

Mrs Danvers' Tea Rooms Liverpool
Mrs Danvers’ Tea Rooms Liverpool

Delifonseca is now offering a delivery service too. Proprietor Candice Fonseca says: “By utilising this service, you will not only be getting the food you need but you will be helping local independent businesses and producers stay afloat during these uncertain times.

“It may be the last thing on your mind, but by spending locally your money will be helping your community and economy through this crisis and we need that support now more than ever.”

Orders can be delivered throughout Central and South Liverpool (L1, L2, L3, L7, L8, L15, L16, L17, L18, L19, L24, L25, L26) and other northern areas will be considered.

Delifonseca deliveries

Lunya and Linyalita are open for grocery shopping, take away coffees and drinks and food to go. Vouchers are always available online as well as hampers from their online shop, the perfect time to stock up on some Spanish delicacies. Lunyalita are also offering local front line NHS workers ‘Food to Go’ for free, so support their families.

There’s a great deal of choice open to customers too, with specialist vegan and gluten free options available.  Denise Pendleton from The Gluten Free Pie Company on Hope Street says: “I’m doing home delivery on vegan pies. For £20 you get a selection of nutritious pies.”

Germaine Mcmicheal from vegan meal service Veggie Republic adds: “We are on deliveroo but have started a weekly rotation on ready prepped meals from Wednesday which will be different to our usual menu we are fully vegan.”

Down The Hatch also offer a deliveroo service and will potentially offering a delivery service via staff members in the days and weeks to come.

Charlotte Owens from Meatless adds: “At Meatless we deliver via just eat but we will be delivering ourselves for phone orders. Such a worrying time for our industry and our fellow small business owners – we just want to protect our amazing staff and their jobs, as well as our own family.”

Food deliveries from Down the Hatch

The Great British Chip Shop is working on a strategy visiting local communities with their chip van. Lee Caffery says: “Churchill called Fish n Chips ‘good companions’ and saw it as essential that people got fish n chips during wartime rations to keep up morale. Any OAP self isolating will get looked after first and foremost with no price rises for anyone.”

Rosie Lilly Tewogg from Free State Kitchen says: “We are now live on Deliveroo. So if you choose not to go out, you can still get your faves.”

The Book is also putting plans in place for delivery service. “We plan to service all surrounding areas with a menu specifically designed for deliveries,” says Bradleigh Woods.

Mason’s Liverpool is working to give something back to those fighting the virus: Kier Smith says: “We are on deliveroo and possibly looking at expanding delivery service plus offering deliveroo discount to NHS.”

Bars, as well as restaurants, are offering to bring their wares to customers during the Coronavirus crisis

Matt Workman from HOP/SCOTCH Whisky Bar in Liverpool says: “We’re doing takeaway drams, which can be picked up at the bar to enjoy at home or we can deliver in the local area.

“There’s a full spirit list on our website this shows the normal drink-in prices which will actually be reduced by 10% for all takeaway orders. Free delivery on any order in Liverpool over £20. Anyone wanting to put in an order can contact us on Facebook, via the contact form on the website or via email at we would be very grateful if you’d share this for us as we’ve only been open a couple of months and it’s likely that this will turn into our only revenue stream.”

The Dead Crafty Beer Company say: “We’re offering crowler delivery service. Basically you can order any of our draft beers to take away in a litre can and we’ll deliver them straight to your door. At the moment it’ll just be for the Liverpool area. Our beer list is live on the Untappd app or on our Facebook page.”

Similarly, Terry Langton from Turncoat Distillery & Bar adds: “We offer free delivery of all our gins to the Liverpool area” and Love Lane Brewery & Ginsmiths gin have an online shop and their warehouse is also open for trade deliveries.

Many are now considering how to change their business models, as Jess Preston from Dockleaf explains: “We will be trading out of Baltic Pizza Company on Deliveroo, with a great variety of food and drinks available. We’ll also be looking to start up a home delivery service in the next couple days.”

Similarly, Anthony Strode from Little World says: “We don’t deliver at present, but we will be looking to start a delivery of both our hot & cold food and also our zero waste dried & fresh foods/smoothies/cleaning products/personal hygiene products.”

Two Cents Pizza switching to takeaway only from Wednesday, and Forza in West Kirby is working towards a delivery option – as well as their regular takeaway pizzas.

The Bakehouse in Runcorn is also

There’s also an option to buy vouchers now to show your support. Maray Allerton is on Deliveroo. And vouchers for all Marays can be purchased here

Similarly, Dave Critchley at Lu Ban adds: “ has a few new ideas now including takeaway and delivery.”

National office space provider requested last week for all restaurants surrounding its buildings get in touch to provide takeaway food for those looking to minimise contact outside of their workplace. Not only helping office workers, but also maintaining cash flow for struggling food outlets.

It seems local restaurants have also stepped up their game in a very fast paced crisis.

“Now that lots of people are working from home and staying at home, local restaurants are providing deliver-to-home meals as well. They are facing this crisis head on! They are very entrepreneurial – this isn’t Deliveroo, it’s real restaurants run by local people making deliveries themselves”, says Jonathan Ratcliffe from

In Ratcliffe’s hometowns of Ilkley and Otley in Yorkshire numerous restaurants are switching to delivery services of pre-made meals to cook at home. The delivery services allow phone ordering and then delivery is to the doorstep or designated safe place – minimising contact.

A trend for diversification

It’s a trend being seen across the UK and shows that even with declining covers, restaurants can make a quick switch to ensure cashflow is maintained.

Local chef Chris Monkman from Ilkley has put together a menu of ready meals such as Mossaka, Chilli, Cottage Pie, Whitby fish pie, Curries, Lamb Tagine and Coq au Vin. These meals are freshly prepared, delivered and can then be cooked or frozen.

Posh burger van The Otley Burger Company is offering food delivery with either over the phone payment or wireless payment at the door. Food can be left on your doorstep, keeping to the idea of maintaining minimum human contact.

Another local restaurant in Otley, Buon Apps is preparing it’s “At Home Menu” of Italian classics which will be for collection or delivery.

The theme is echoed across the UK with restaurants offering a modern Meals on Wheels service.

“This type of home-cooked food with delivery will be an important moral boost for those aged over 70 should they be asked to self-isolate in the near future, and shows great positivity to those in hardship”, adds Ratcliffe has previously campaigned for restaurants to turn into takeaways to help retain cashflow through the Coronavirus crisis.