How to put together the perfect Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Box Liverpool
Christmas Eve Box
A Christmas Eve box is becoming hugely popular, as families look to spread the festive joy with a treat before the big day.
Aintree-based Keepsakes 4 U specialise in bespoke memory and Christmas Eve boxes. Owner Paul Lally says: “Christmas Eve boxes are becoming increasingly popular.   When all the preparations for the big day are done, many families are embracing the spirit of Christmas with a personalised family Christmas Eve box. The boxes can be filled with whatever treats and family traditions make Christmas Eve a magical night full of anticipation, love and appreciation.
“Popular choices are new pyjamas, family games, a tipple for mum and dad and festive nibbles for all the family.  From the moment the Christmas Eve Box is opened, it symbolises the beginning of what is the most magical time of the year.  The wooden personalised boxes look stunning sitting under the tree in the build-up to Christmas and they become a treasured family heirloom evoking memories of Christmas times gone by.   The boxes can be personalised with family members names, including the pets.”

Paul’s advice for putting your Christmas Eve box together

  1.  Chose a box from the wide variety available that best suits your family and your home.
  2. Choose a size that will be easy to fill with the things that will make your family’s Christmas Eve special.   If you just want the tradition of having a few treats then choose a smaller box.  If you want to include pyjamas and a host of festive treats for all the family, choose a bigger box.   Also be mindful that the box will have to be stored during the none festive months.
  3. Christmas Eve pyjamas are a very popular choice with many families
  4. Fun family games and movies encourage good quality family and relaxation time in readiness for the madness of Christmas Day
  5. It will come as little surprise that a festive tipple inevitably finds its way into the Christmas Eve box for the adults!
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