Bread bakers united in criticising Bake Off’s Danish Week

Room Forty loaves of bread
Room Forty loaves of bread

Interesting times on Bake Off with bread guru and baking master, Richard Bertinet openly criticising last night’s bread challenge for Danish Week on Twitter.

‘Rye bread in 3 hours and it’s dense/doughy…’, he posted ‘of course it would. Why don’t you give them more time. Do it properly so people at least learn!!! #Indigestible’.

Twitter has been ablaze with comment. The Baking Nanna who runs the TwitterBakeAlong with 13,500 followers, added ‘…it’s wrong to set challenges that cannot be done in the time as it’s bound to fail’.

Room Forty's Jen Perry
Room Forty’s Jen Perry

World Bread Award winning baker Jen Perry, who run’s Room Forty mobile bread baking school, says: “It’s difficult to make rye bread as it has a lower gluten content. It is pushing the boundary to make a regular loaf start to finish in that time. The only way it can be done in the time is to make a rye quickbread – we run a class to teach how.

“At Room Forty we are on a crusade to get people baking their own, additive free, bread and have taught over 250 people so far.

“Television should have a duty to educate. Setting impossible challenges gives the wrong message.”