Guest blog: Laura Nicholson on Dia + Noche, Bold Street

Half Price Pancakes, Baked Eggs and Chilled Vibes at Bold Street’s Dia + Noche, Liverpool's newest brunch hangout

Dia + Noche pancakes
Dia + Noche pancakes

Dia + Noche are brand new kids on the Bold Street block, replacing a much-loved Miyagi at the bombed-out church end. As much as I rated Miyagi’s great quality, inventive menu of Asian cuisine (and exciting cocktail selection) – the chic and classy vibe of new Dia and Noche is a welcoming and somewhat unique new addition to the ever-expanding Bold Street restaurant scene – and fellow Miyagi lovers need not fear – they have another branch on Allerton Road that is still very much open.

Although not quite up to speed with London, Liverpool is doing its best to expand its brunch scene. From everyone’s favourite eggs Benedict and a good old full English to more inventive options such as a vitamin packed smoothie bowl, overnight oats and anything involving avocado. Opening very recently and upping the Merseyside brunch game, Dia + Noche even offer an amazing 50% off their breakfast menu  – but you have to be quick – it’s only available between the hours of 8-10 at the weekend and 9-10 at the weekend as a treat this December. With pancakes an option and 50% off the bill I was totally sold and couldn’t visit quick enough.

We headed to Dia and Noche first thing on a Monday, so naturally they weren’t particularly busy and headed for a corner table, ready to ponder their menu. One thing you notice about Dia + Noche the moment you walk through the door is the interior, it’s totally chic yet oozing glamour at the same time – think chandeliers, tropical prints, teals and pinks and the unmistakeable smell of freshly brewing coffee. It’s the perfect place to relax with an early morning breakfast (like us) yet the glitz and glam the décor gives you a slight nod towards the buzzing cocktail and party bar it turns into after dark  – much like many Australian cafes that produce that produce an amazing brunch menu yet also cater to the night owls with cocktails and DJ’s after dark – a concept that I predict will catch on extremely quickly in our own city centre.

Reading Dia + Noche’s menu you get an immediate feel for the Spanish vibes that surround the place, with menu options including tomato bruschetta with pink Himalayan salt, dishes containing Iberico ham, chorizo and cheeses and Huevos Rancheros. Naturally, we were torn between choosing a sweet or savoury option, but with 50% off the total bill for early birds, a two-course breakfast was definitely on the cards and so after much deliberation we went for the Huevos Rancheros, the Huevos Benedict and a stack of Blueberry protein pancakes. For our sweet choice, I also had my eye on the classic flavour combination of peanut butter and banana on toast topped with chia seeds and agave but I guess that’s another dish for another time and a great excuse to make a swift return to Dia + Noche as soon as possible. The half price breakfast only works if you order a hot drink or a smoothie along with your food but if there’s any excuse for coffee it’s a cold Monday morning so an Americano with hot milk was swiftly ordered.

Dia + Noche breakfast
Dia + Noche breakfast

The place filled up slightly as we waited but the vibe remained completely relaxed and was a welcome haven from the Monday morning rat race taking place on the cobbles outside. Arriving first were the savoury options, mine being the Huevos Rancheros – baked in a skillet and served on a wooden chopping board, accompanied by three mini tortillas which made the perfect dipping tools. The dish was topped generously with melted cheese, guacamole, salsa and sour cream, just as any Mexican dish should be and a little digging revealed wilted spinach, crispy chorizo slices, spicy black beans and, of course, two perfectly fried eggs with runny orange yolks. An absolute match made in heaven.

Whilst having a two-course breakfast isn’t exactly the norm on a weekday, 50% off your food bill allowed an exception to the rule and after I had finished my eggs I was keen to try our pancake choice. Although we went for blueberry, there was also an almond butter and coconut option with a ‘superfood topping’ which sounds just an intriguing as it does nutritious and again, another excuse to breakfast at Dia + Noche.

The pancakes weren’t quite the super thick and cakey consistency of the American type popular in many breakfast places but they were soft, fluffy and lightly sweet in flavour making them totally moreish from the very first mouthful. It was then topped with creamy natural yoghurt and sweet berries (fresh and dried) which were complimented by a sharp raspberry compote. An overall really enjoyable dish. After sampling the breakfast delights of Dia + Noche i’m intrigued to visit at a different time of day to see what else they have on offer (if Instagram is anything to go by, the cake options are irresistible). The menu pairs good sized portions with inventive dishes and so although we were lucky enough to receive 50% off, paying full price would still make it excellent value for money and after brunching at Dia + Noche I would definitely say it has already earnt its place amongst all of the other ‘must try’ independent hangouts on Bold Street.

Laura Nicholson is a 24 year old passionate foodie based in Liverpool. You can find her eating in new and exciting independent places and on Instagram under @myfoodiejourney_


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