About Us

Who we are

A team of journalists who eat, sleep and breathe food and drink, who’ve worked for years at the heart of what has become the most exciting scenes in the UK.

What we do

Bring you all the latest news, reviews and insight you need to be sure you experience the best Merseyside has to offer, from restaurants and bars to cafes and independent food and drink producers.

How we do it

With updates throughout the day, every day on the Good Taste website, and with our seasonal Good Taste magazine, available for free in selected venues across Merseyside.

How you can be a part of it

If you’re interested in stocking Good Taste, or are a food and drink business who’d like to share a story, we’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to reach customers with Good Taste, get in touch with us about advertising opportunities.

About GoodTaste Magazine

About GoodTaste Magazine