Liverpool Philharmonic Dining Rooms hosts GinFest 2017

Nicholson's Gin Festival 2017
Nicholson's Gin Festival 2017

Liverpool gin palace The Philharmonic Dining Rooms is celebrating its favourite spirit next week as GinFest begins.

The summer-long festivities will showcase 38 premium gin brands along with a bespoke Barrel-Aged Tanqueray Festival Gin, created exclusively for the festival. A programme of masterclasses, gin gigs, gin tours and secret gin parties promise to get festival-goers into the gin-swing of things.

The pub is owned by Nicholson’s, whose founder William Nicholson started his career by running the family gin distillery in London. Nicholson’s have teamed up with Tanqueray, adding its spirit to re-purposed whisky barrels for an aged gin with sweet, caramel and vanilla notes. Just 400 litres are available and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

The 38 gins on offer also includes a range of Navy-Strength over-proof style gins, as well as Tarquin’s Cornish Blackberry, Williams Sloe & Mulberry and Warner Edwards Victoria’s Rhubarb. British boutique brands on show include Cotswolds Distillery, Silent Pool, City of London Distillery and Peckham’s Little Bird.

Teetotallers won’t be excluded from the party as Seedlip, the world’s first premium non-alcoholic spirit, solving the dilemma of ‘what to drink, when you’re not drinking’ will be a prominent feature throughout #GinFest2017.

The Phil was built in about 1898–1900 for the brewer Robert Cain. It’s an impressive old gin palace, and the men’s toilets are Grade I listed, compared to the rest of the site’s Grade II status. It’s long been a favourite of creative types, calling in from the Philharmonic concert hall diagonally over the road, or the Everytman just down Hope Street.

It has also beena student favourite for generations. When asked what was the biggest drag about being a Beatle, John Lennon famously said: “Not being able to have a pint in the Phil.”

For a events, parties and giveaways, see for further details.


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