10 Budget Strategies To Revive The Vibe Of Hallways


It’s a very well known fact that the hallways of our homes are highly neglected spaces. Who says that you need you can’t transform the appeal of your hallway and give it an uplifting and glamorous vibe? Today, we have put together a whole list of décor ideas that will help you revive the vibe of your otherwise dull and lackluster hallway. Here’s everything you need to know: 

Use Wallpaper To Give Your Hallway Décor That Extra Oomph!

Wallpapers are coming back in style. More and more people are making it a point to use wallpapers to decorate the walls in their homes and offices. There are a plethora of different varieties and patterns in wallpapers that you can choose from. From wallpapers with motif patterns to wallpapers with abstract patterns, geometric patterns and more, you will definitely find a print that fits your needs and preferences. Another trend that’s gaining popularity in the world of interior décor is the installation of wallpapers on the ceilings of hallways. You too can make the ceiling of your hallway pop by installing a vibrant and colorful wallpaper to it. 

Paint The Staircase In Vibrant Colours 

Another effective way to add life and appeal to your hallway is by painting the staircase. A lot of people are now opting for painted staircases in their homes. The staircase can be painted in a single bright color, or even in a rainbow shade depending on the overall décor of your home. The colored staircases will bring vibrancy and life to the otherwise dull and boring hallway. Some fun and interesting colors for the stairway include sky blues, seafoam greens and other such shades. 

Runners For The Staircase In Your Hallway 

Not big on painted staircases? Well, don’t let that stop you from decorating your staircase in the hallway in a different manner. You always have the option to use staircase runners to add color and vibrancy to your hallway. Nowadays, staircase runners are available in a variety of patterns, colors and styles. From runners with solid and bright colors to runners with animal prints, there is something available for every need and preference. Your entire hallway will burst into life once the staircase runner is installed. 

Install Artificial Landscaping Products In The Hallway

Nature always makes everything look much prettier. One effective way to transform the dull appeal of your hallway is by installing fake palm trees and other faux landscaping products. These fake decorative trees are unbelievably realistic looking and can give your hallways that much-needed upgrade. You can also install artificial Japanese bonsai tree options, faux white oak trees and other such options in your hallway. These artificial landscaping products are easy to install, affordably priced and bring about a charming appeal to even the dullest of hallways. Additionally, these items are durable and long-lasting and require zero maintenance. The faux trees and plants can be installed in the corners of your hallway to spruce up the place and give it an upscale vibe. 

Get Proper Storage Equipment For Your Hallway

The hallway of any home tends to become a bit of a dumping ground. Coats, boots and shoes, umbrellas and other accessories are always found strewn across the hallway. One way to prevent your hallway from looking like a cluttered mess is by installing proper storage equipment for all your accessories. Install a coat rack, shoe rack and other such equipment so that any mess in the hallway is prevented. Nowadays, you get a unique and quirky coat and shoe racks that can add a little bit of life to your hallway. 

Get A Beautiful Hand Woven Carpet For The Hallway 

Handwoven carpets can pretty much make a statement. If you have a long and narrow hallway, you can add color and life to space by installing a beautiful and vibrant carpet. There are tons of different varieties of carpets available on many online shopping portals. You can also visit your local décor store to find a carpet with bold prints and patterns. Importing a Kashmiri carpet or a Persian carpet can also be an excellent option for people who have a high hallway makeover budget. 

Art For The Walls Of Your Hallway 

Art can make even the dullest corners of your home look fancy and upscale. Invest in a couple of canvas paintings, buy beautiful wall tapestries, opt for handmade wall masks and so on. Installing artwork on the walls of your hallway can uplift the appeal of the space and give you that much desired sophisticated hallway. If you have a creative side to yourself, you can always install your very own canvases on the walls of your hallway. Getting a professional graffiti artist to paint one of the walls in your hallway is also a pretty fun décor idea. 

Bookshelves For The Intellectual Kinds 

Are you a total bibliophile? Well, you can spoil yourself a little bit by installing a large wooden bookshelf against the wall of your hallway. Not only will the bookshelf add a little character to the hallway, but it will also give your hallway that intellectual and classy appeal. Fill up the bookshelf with first edition books, books by your favourite author, magazines and other literature. Make sure that you don’t over cramp the bookshelf with too many books otherwise you hallway will begin to look cramped and messy. 

These amazing hallway décor ideas are tried and tested and can give your hallway that makeover it needs. Most of these ideas are easy on the pocket and budget-friendly too. Your guests and visitors will be utterly impressed with the charming appeal of your remodeled hallway. More and more people across the globe are now paying close attention to the décor in their hallway. Don’t leave your hallway looking shabby and unappealing. Give it the attention that it needs and let it look at beautiful as the rest of your home. Use these décor ideas now to transform the space.